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All Natural Lip Scrub – DIY

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Creating an all natural lip scrub is as easy as counting to 3.

Actually, it’s like counting to 2 and for less than €2!

We only need two ingredients; one abrasive and the other the “glue”, which unifies the ingredients. Now, being a practical woman and a fan of versatility, of course I look for ingredients that are natural and with a multitude of benefits for my skin and without harming the environment.

Usually, in my search for ingredients, I go to the kitchen pantry and the bathroom trying to use what is available, giving them a second life.

For this lip scrub, I want a product with an abrasive texture and the other that´s smooth, hydrating and preferably repairing.

Wow! It was a real treasure trove 🙂 The hardest part was choosing…

For the base of the recipe, an abrasive ingredient is intended, I found brown sugar, ground coffee, used coffee grounds and extra gentle exfoliating bamboo pearls.

As a second ingredient, in terms of vegetable oils, the options were numerous: sweet almond oil, virgin hemp oil, castor oil and even our dear Portuguese Olive Oil.

And obviously, honey and green tea could never be left out.


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– 2 tbsp: brown sugar

– 1 tbsp: green tea

– 1 tsp: honey

– 6 tbsp: vegetable oil

How to make

– Mix brown sugar, green tea leaves and honey.

– Introduce the vegetable oil you prefer and stir.


– Wash the bowl, utensils and flask beforehand, and your hands.

– Add the vegetable oil little by little. Start with 3 tablespoons and increase until you reach the desired consistency.

How to Apply

– Apply to lips and massage gently.

– Remove excess with a reusable make-up remover pad.

– Seal the hydrating properties with a lip balm.

➡ Optional (to extend properties)

– 6 drops Vitamin E (anti-oxidant power)

– 6 drops Grapefruit Grape Extract (preservative properties)

Be Careful NOT To ‼️

– Do not massage the scrub too hard to avoid wounds, especially on dry, chapped lips.

– Only use once a week.

You can and should adapt this recipe to your personal taste or to upcycle whatever ingredients you may have at home. While I choose to use four ingredients, I could have created an equally effective scrub with just two (provided it includes an abrasive component and a moisturizer).

Curious to know the benefits of each of the ingredients?

I thought so and included a brief description.


☕️ Coffee

– It contains caffeic acid that helps to increase the production of collagen, a protein produced by our cells, which helps to maintain the skin’s elasticity.

-It has the perfect consistency for an exfoliant, removes dead cells and stimulates the production of new cells.

– Caffeine helps increase blood flow, which increases lip color.

-It has anti-inflammatory properties and is a rich source of antioxidants and caffeine, which makes it an ideal ingredient to reduce inflammation.

Did you know that coffee grounds keep 90% of the properties of coffee intact? Why waste that 90%?

🤎 Brown Sugar

– A natural glycolic acid, which is a chemical exfoliant that increases

cell renewal.

– Provides gentle exfoliation

🎋 Bamboo Pearls

– Cleanses the skin, removes dead cells and impurities

– Naturally rich in vegetable silica

– Tones, smoothes, and restores skin radiance

– Prepares the skin for moisturizing treatments

– Ideal particle size for face and neck exfoliation and sensitive areas.


🍯 Honey

-Natural humectant, attracts and seals the properties of moisturizers.

– Moisturizing properties

🍵 Green Tea


– Moisturizes

– Nourishes

– Calming effect

Bonus: Green Tea leaves bring a little extra exfoliation.

Did you know that the antioxidant in green tea, one of the most scientifically proven ingredients on the planet?


🌳 Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil



Rich in Vitamins E, B, A,

Folic Acid


Minimizes skin irritation

Promotes skin elasticity

🍀 Benefits of Castor Oil

Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C e E,

Proteins and minerals

Helps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin

Antibacterial and Antifungal properties

High levels of Omega oils

🫒 Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Rich in Vitamins A, D, K and E.

Softens and hydrates

Fights bacteria

High Squalene Concentration (this is what gives olive oil the extra antioxidant boost)

‼️ Olive oil is a heavy oil and not very easily absorbed by the skin. Wipe off any excess oil to avoid clogging pores or bacteria.

As I said at the beginning of the post, you saw that preparing a Natural Lip Scrub is something as easy as counting to….1….2!! Keep you lips beautiful and healthy with this all natural lip scrub and enjoy the added benefits, of being free of chemicals, flavors or artificial preservatives and costs less than €2.

Thanks Mother Nature
És Poderosa

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