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The prices and specifications of the products contained in this website are subject to change without notice;

The products or items of these can have different lots, so they may vary from the statement, maintaining their main characteristics.

Privacy Policy

In compliance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law, the user of the DERAIZ Online Store may, at any time, exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and communication of your data in the following ways: in the area of the website called “My Account” or via email from deraiz2010@gmail.com.

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Orders are usually dispatched within the first 2 business days, after payment confirmation by email to: deraiz2010@gmail.com or bank confirmation.

Shipments are usually dispatched by CTT.

The provision of an incorrect or incomplete delivery address may result in the return of the order to DERAIZ, resulting in additional costs for the customer. For this reason, we recommend that you always make sure that the delivery address indicated when registering your order is indeed correct and complete.

The delivery of orders is subject to payment by the customer of shipping costs that are in force at the time of order and taking into account the weight of the order.

Shipping costs on orders to mainland Portugal in the amount of more than € 30.00 are free, except for special promotions.

We ship to any country.

A telephone contact is always required to accompany the order.

As derived from the legislation in force, orders travel at the expense and risk of those who request them. In case of damage, the customer must make the respective mention on the carrier’s own guide and when this is not possible, he must immediately send us photos and description of the damages to open a claim.

We will do everything so that the order reaches the destination address as soon as possible.

Refunds & Returns

The customer has the right, a period of 14 days to return / exchange their items, as long as they have not been opened, used or damaged.

The product must be returned in the same condition in which it was sent (properly packed), by registered mail addressed to: DERAIZ, natural beauty & simple; Edf Marialva Lj nº7; 3060-184 Cantanhede. The invoice serves as proof of purchase and it is essential to present it.

The transport costs originated by the return are borne by the customer, with the exception of items that have not been correctly supplied.

Disclaimer of Warranty

DeRaiz does not and does not intend to give any answers from the medical forum, nor is it implied in any part of this website that we replace the competences of health professionals.

We advise customers to carefully read the list of ingredients to make sure they are not allergic to any product.

We do not accept liability in case of allergic reaction. Keep these products away from children. In the event of an accident in which an accidental ingestion of a product occurs, immediately contact the CIAV (808 250 143) and indicate the ingredients on the product label so that they can tell you how to act.

We do not assume any liability for damage or computer viruses that may infect your computer while you browse our site.

We do not assume any responsibility for errors in the content of the website and the information provided, however we make every effort to.

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DERAIZ natural & simple beauty is a Portuguese registered trademark. Use by third parties, whether by image, name or brand is punishable by law.

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Alternative Resolution of Consumer Disputes

Law No. 144/2015 of 8 September, transposed Directive 2013 / EU, of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 21 May 2013, on the alternative resolution of consumer disputes.
The aforementioned diploma establishes the legal framework for the Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms, creating in Portugal the Consumer Arbitration Network.

What are consumer disputes?

These are disputes initiated by a consumer against a supplier of goods or service providers, which respect contractual obligations resulting from contracts for the purchase and sale or provision of services, concluded between a supplier of goods or a service provider established and consumers residing in Portugal and in the European Union (article 2 nº 1 of Law nº 144/2015.

What is RAL?

ADR are mechanisms available to consumers and businesses to try to resolve consumer disputes outside the courts, in a faster and less expensive way. ADR covers mediation, conciliation and arbitration. The ADR process begins with an attempt to reach an agreement through mediation or conciliation. However, if this agreement is not reached, the intervening parties can still appeal to the Arbitral Tribunal, through a simple and quick process.

What are ADR entities?

They are independent entities, with specialized personnel, who impartially help the consumer and the company to reach a friendly solution. These entities are authorized to mediate, conciliate and arbitrate consumer disputes. These entities must be registered in the list provided for in article 17 of Law No. 144/2015.

Who is responsible for managing the list of ADR entities?

The Directorate-General for Consumers is the competent national authority to organize the registration and dissemination of the list of ADR entities.

How many ADR entities are there in Portugal?

In Portugal, there are ten Consumer Conflict Arbitration Centers. Seven of which are of generic competence and regional in scope, and are located in, Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra, Guimarães, Braga / Viana do Castelo, Algarve and Madeira. There is also the national territorial (supplementary) center, the CNIACC – National Center for Information and Arbitration of Consumer Conflicts. There are also two specific competence centers specializing in the automotive and insurance sectors.

How does a company know which ADR entity to indicate to its consumers?

The place of conclusion of the contract for the purchase and sale of goods or services, which as a rule coincides with the place of establishment, determines the competent arbitration center.

For example:

A company that has only one or more commercial establishments in a given municipality, must indicate only the ADR entity that has the competence to resolve conflicts in that municipality.

A company that carries out its activity throughout the national territory, must indicate all the competent entities.
A vehicle repair shop, an insurance company or a travel agency must indicate the specialized entities for these sectors.

Who is obliged to inform consumers about ADR entities?

All suppliers of goods and service providers, including those that only sell products or provide services through the Internet, are obliged to inform consumers about the ADR entities available or to which they have voluntarily joined or to which they are bound by law. Only providers of Services of General Interest without economic consideration are excluded, such as social services provided by or on behalf of the state, health services and public services of complementary or higher education.
The obligations arising from Law No. 144/2015 apply, with the necessary adaptations, to all economic sectors not excluded by said law, including those in which specific legislation already exists that provides for the same obligation.

Is there any imposition of adhesion to an ADR entity?

This law does not impose adherence to any ADR entity, establishing only a duty to inform about existing entities. But, there is the case of the necessary arbitration for essential public services, such as for electricity, gas, water and waste, electronic communications and postal services.

How should companies provide this information?

This information must be provided in a clear, understandable and appropriate manner to the type of goods and services that are sold or provided (article 18, no. 2 of Law no. 144/2015). Like this:
On the website of the suppliers of goods or service providers, if any.

In purchase and sale or service contracts between the supplier of goods or service provider and the consumer, when these take a written form or constitute subscription contracts.
In the absence of a written form, the information must be provided on another durable medium, namely a sign affixed to the wall or affixed to the sales counter or the invoice delivered to the consumer.

Does the law provide for a standardized model of information to be provided to consumers?

No. However, a proposal for the formulation of a sign is attached.

Who is responsible for monitoring compliance with the information obligation to be provided to consumers?

It is the responsibility of the Food and Economic Security Authority and the sectoral regulators in the respective fields, to monitor compliance with these duties, to investigate the respective administrative offense processes and to decide on these processes, including the application of fines and accessory sanctions if necessary.

Online Dispute Resolution

The Online Dispute Resolution website is an official website run by the European Commission dedicated to helping consumers and traders resolve their disputes outside the courts.


Online Complaints Book:

Available Payment Methods

– Bank transfer
– Direct deposit
– Credit card

Payment for your order can be made by bank transfer, through a cash machine or the homebanking system, or through a cash deposit at the counter.


Phone: 913465412
Bank: B.P.I
Bank Identification Number (NIB): 001000003730912000176
Account Holder: Annette Simões

For faster shipping, DERAIZ allows you to send proof of payment (Pdf home banking or cash receipt) to annettes@deraiz.net

Sale Promotions

We are a family owned and operated business.

– Sale Season will be from 27 to 29 od November 2020.

– The discount applies to any product available in stock and marked with a price reduction.

– Offer of shipping costs, for purchases over € 30.00, in mainland Portugal.

– And of course we will continue to add gifts / samples to your order.


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