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I like thinking of Menopause as if it were a season of life!

I invariably see it painted in a thousand gorgeous colors, in miscellaneous gradients. Here and there from yellow to orange… from blue to violet and through red, of course! … Beyond, from immaculate white to a dark black! With menopause (when it’s not early), it is possible to look at life differently. We can look back! Yes, we already have some road behind us. We’ve reached the station of life, considered to be Mature Age!


We go around and around, a little dizzy from the rotational motion, and we look back. We rub our eyes. We open our mouth in mild amazement. We look ahead, as you know, the only direction to look is forward! Some days with fear, others with our nerves on edge, there we go on a journey, and incredibly life hasn’t stopped. Always, with our emotions painting the days and imparting with it a new bittersweet flavor…How will it be? Because we don’t know very well!!

People invariably say it’s the hormones.

Hormonal imbalance! And it is! So, now what?! Patience, too bad!

It genuinely seems to me, that the many years and consistent expectations also help with the hormonal imbalance.

The end of childbearing age has come! Where there should be invariably considerable relief, it isn’t quite all that. There realistically is another side. Our capable body has rung a bell inside us, which seems that only we’ve heard. No doubt, because the world has not stopped. There is no pity. Everything and Everyone precisely behave the same, as if we were not at The Menopause Station!!

nsplsh 57416876554343626f776fmv2 d 3662 5493 s 4 2In addition to the shrill ringing of this merciless bell, are unavoidable “hot flashes”!

What episodes! That heat, that comes overwhelmingly from nowhere and forcibly takes over our whole being.

We look like Grandma Mary, who in those odd moments of such violent episodes cooled herself with her fan. Merely to survive!

I fortunately have a friend that is a nurse and she revealed, that these “hot flashes” protect me from heart attacks!

Well then, God bless hot flashes!

We suddenly perceive ourselves in another innovative way. The eyes that look inside us fortunately discover other tastes and flavors… And these shrewd eyes, that contemplate us from the outside, find each other wrinkling, slowly searching for new ways to crease.

We’ve reached the “Mature Age”!
It’s a pleasure!
A new season of Life to discover.
Brand new.
Ready for a dazzling debut!?

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