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I consider environmental responsibility as a synergy between collective and individual responsibility, something that allows us to gradually become aware of its real importance and urgency. More than ever this concern is visible, through the growth of informational campaigns, more people are recycling and as companies adapt to this new reality. The words biological, organic, recycling, biodegradable are already an integral part of our daily lives.

“Coral reefs represent 0.25% of the earth’s surface but are home to about 25% of our planet’s marine life.”

When I first saw the Alphanova and Sol de Ibiza sunscreens , I immediately noticed the “SEA AND REEF SAFE” logo. I confess that it aroused my curiosity and went on to investigate. Here’s what I learned:

1- Friends of the Environment

  • Safe for oceans and corals. Non-polluting “nature-friendly, sea-friendly, animal-friendly” with formulas that respect marine fauna and flora through a natural and biodegradable formulation, without the use of chemical preservatives.

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  • Total absence of chemical filters, toxic to the environment and to corals in particular.
  • In order to help restore coral reefs around the world, Alphanova supports community projects, donating 1% of its sales.
  • Alphanova: 100% recyclable packaging
  • Sol de Ibiza: Aluminum can and cardboard packaging.

2- Quemical Filtre FREE

  • Uses 100% mineral screen, very fine powder (micro particles), with strong covering power, provides protection against UVA / UVB / UVC rays.
  • Absence of use of Zinc – Considered Ecotoxic (Predictive laboratory methodology to assess coral bleaching Center scientifique of Monaco & L’Oréal 2018)
  • Free of nano-particles, these small-sized synthetic substances (0.000000001 meters) may contaminate the seas, drinking water resources and possibly penetrate the deep layers of our skin and into the bloodstream. (Although at the moment there are no conclusive scientific studies, it will be something to be taken into account and to keep an eye on).
  • Exclusive use of coated titanium mineral filters (particle size between 180 nm and 300 nm). Mineral (physical) filters are fine, micronized powders with a high coating power based on titanium dioxide. The filter forms a thin protective layer that interposes between the sun and the skin.

3- Skin Freindly

  • Unique protection power: 100% mineral screen. No risk of endocrine disruption, allergies and photosensitivity.
  • Enhanced protection against UVA rays for better prevention of cell aging.
  • Percentage of organic ingredients between 20% to 34.5%.
  • Effective immediately after application. With many biological sunscreens it is necessary to apply 30 minutes before sun exposure.
  • Formulated to leave no white film on the skin.
  • Alphanova has created special formulas for hypersensitive skin. A new line of sun protection was created for very sensitive, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic skins that do not leave white spots on the skin.
  • Free of parabens, phenoxyethanol and perfume.

4- Certifications

IBIZA SOL with certified organic formula (AIAB)

“The ALPHANOVA SUN line is COSMOS ORGANIC certified andcomposition with a high percentage of biological ingredients (20% to 34.5% ofBIO ingredients). Formulas of natural origin and without constant chemicals. ”

“To protect animals, ALPHANOVA has always been committed,even before the European obligation, never to test your products inanimals. In 2019 this is more evident than ever. So 100% of the rangeALPHANOVA SUN is VEGAN certified by the Vegan Society. ”

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In order to help restore coral masses across the world, ALPHANOVA has entered into a partnership to protect and restore some coral reefs, notably in Martinique and New Caledonia. With this project, approved by the Ministry of the Environment in France, it will donate 1% of turnover to special operations in order to save the corals. Thus, we will also be helping and being part of this action – it is the “1% POUR LE CORAIL” project which means “1% FOR THE CORAL”. The goal for 2019 was to re-deploy 3000 new coral cuttings.

Proper Use of the Sun

Alphanova advice to optimize your sun protection.

Directions for using your sunscreen
• Apply sunscreen evenly before exposure to the sun;
• Reapply frequently;
• Use a sunscreen cream or milk in sufficient quantity.

Precautions – Adopt the Right Attitude
• Avoid exposure to the sun between 12 and 16 hours. In practical terms, this means that you should avoid exposure while your shadow is less than your height;
• Wear a hat, sunglasses and protective clothing;
• Reapply the sunscreen after sweating, swimming or drying the body;
• Use sunscreen suitable for your skin type and exposure conditions.

Precautions – Specific Case of Children
• Do not expose babies and children under 3 years of age to direct sunlight
• Make them wear a t-shirt, sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat
• Avoid exposure to the sun between 12 and 16 hours.

So that the Sun Remains a Friend Avoid these Common Mistakes:/strong>
• Do not prolong the exposure time, under the pretext of using sunscreen.
• Apply enough product. It is necessary to apply at least 2 mg / cm2 of skin to reach the specified level of protection, about 36 g (about 6 teaspoons) for an average adult. Insufficient application significantly reduces the level of protection.
• Do not reduce the amount and frequency of application of sunscreen under the pretext that you are using a high degree of protection.
• Do not forget some areas of the body when applying sunscreen: ears, temples, neck, back of the hands, back of the feet.
• Use sunscreen, even if it is cloudy. Cloudiness is not an obstacle to UV radiation.
• Tanned skin does not replace the use of sun protection products. Even if your skin is tanned, continue to apply protection regularly, in sufficient quantity and adapted to the type of skin and sunlight.
• Excessive sun exposure is a serious health threat.


Natural, mineral and biological sun protection, never forgetting its environmental responsibility.

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Obrigada Mãe Natureza. És Poderosa!


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